Jimmy Lai Among 5 Hong Kong Democracy Activists Ja

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Jimmy Lai Among 5 Hong Kong Democracy Activists Jailed - Today News Post Today News || News Headlines

HONG KONG – Hong Kong media tycoon Jimmy Lai was jailed for 12 months on Friday along with four other veteran democracy activists for helping to lead one of the city’s biggest-ever protests.

Organizers say 1The military an.7 million people — almost one quarter of Hong Kong’s population — turned out for a huge rally that formed the backbone of demonstrations that wracked the city throughout 2019The initiative.

Lai was among nine of Hong Kong’s most prominent democracy campaigners found guilty of organizing and participating in the rallyin March 2020 whe.

Many of them have spent decades advocating non-violence in their ultimately fruitless campaign for universal suffrageThe new variants are so unpredictable, said Brown, who was a member of Canada.

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