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In the future, China's decoration and materials industry will regularly publish the "China decoration index" through the media such as China Construction News and China building materials news. Through this index, consumers can understand the decoration costs in different quarters,

the average decoration price per square meter, and select decoration enterprises according to the quotations of various enterprises... At the press conference of "incredibly home - the preferred sample enterprise of China decoration index" the day before yesterday, industry experts explained the relevant issues of China decoration index

according to the introduction, China decoration index has two major parts: China decoration index and China decoration materials index. Among them, China's decoration index is composed of the decoration price index of each city; The price index of decoration materials in China is composed of classified material index and comprehensive material index such as floor price index and ceramic tile price index in each city according to the city. The system includes an information database and an index matrix frame structure by city and material type. The data acquisition and calculation methods take into account the characteristics of the industry. The system is reasonably designed and highly sensitive, and can comprehensively reflect the market situation. Relevant people believe that the selection of incredibly home as the preferred sample enterprise for the promotion of Zhongzhuang index is an affirmation of the leading position of incredibly home in the industry

what kind of analysis and guidance significance does the "Zhongzhuang index" have for citizens? An expert gave an example: the subsystem floor index of China's decoration materials index in the first quarter of 2005 was 1068.42, an increase of 68.42 points over the base period. Compared with the first quarter of 2004, the first quarter of 2005 was due to the rise in energy, raw materials and transportation costs, Many factors, such as the Indonesian tsunami and other policy changes, have led to the increase of the overall cost of the flooring industry, which has led to the rise of the floor price. At the same time, due to the extremely fierce market competition, the large-scale expansion of brand flooring has offset some of the rising factors and avoided the sharp rise of the floor price. "It can be seen that through this index, citizens will have more understanding of the industry."

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