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Recently, the 2016 Guangzhou Construction Expo was grandly held. Kalia attracted many dealers to watch and consult. Manager Xu Baoping accepted an exclusive interview with Huiya information ・ home hotline reporter. She said that all stainless steel cabinets with "temperature" were highly praised

dialogue guest: Xu Baoping, manager of Ningbo Calia kitchen and bathroom Technology Co., Ltd.

Xu Baoping, manager of Ningbo Calia kitchen and bathroom Technology Co., Ltd.

Home hotline: Hello, president Xu! Every year, the Guangzhou Construction Expo is the focus of the industry. Thousands of enterprises compete on this platform. What good products does Calia bring to you this time

president Xu: in this exhibition, Kalia brought four products, namely American Veronica, modern legend of natania and mitia, and simple European love of Kalia. These four products have their own unique characteristics. First of all, Veronica at the entrance of the exhibition hall, with 10mm thick stainless steel countertops and American style stainless steel door panels, attracts everyone's attention with its simplicity, modernity and majestic; The design style of this cabinet is also very unique. Whether it is the table top, cabinet body or the corners of the door panel, it adopts rounded corners, which has a very beautiful appearance and good safety performance and feel. Many people may have the impression that stainless steel products are difficult to achieve the same shape as solid wood, and the love of Calia we brought has completely changed people's cognition of stainless steel cabinets. The love of Calia has a solid wood appearance, and the fine wood grain is no different from the wooden cabinet, but the material is all stainless steel, which is because we adopt a unique paint baking process. At present, Kaliya can perfectly interpret some colors and processes of wooden cabinets with stainless steel. Kaliya hopes to let more consumers enjoy a distinctive beauty in a formaldehyde free kitchen

home hotline: the products your company brings this time are really amazing, so what advantages does the company have in product innovation and R & D

president Xu: Kaliya believes that concentration can be professional, so we only make all stainless steel integral cabinets, because years of concentration make our design talents and professional technicians very senior. At this exhibition, each set of products we showed was developed and designed by our own professional team. The power of originality makes us more distinctive and advantageous than similar products in the industry. And we are constantly absorbing talents and introducing foreign advanced equipment and technology. We believe that innovation is the eternal driving force of Kaliya, which promotes Kaliya to be widely recognized by the market and occupy a leading position in the industry

home hotline: at present, under the hype of the concept of customized home, more and more enterprises begin to enter the customized home industry. In recent years, CCPIT International Expo has also set up a "customized" theme exhibition area. How do you think about customization? Will your company do this strategic consideration

President Xu: now the post-80s and post-90s young people have higher and higher requirements for customization. We can customize colors, shapes and other aspects according to customer needs. In addition, for the environmental protection needs of consumers for customized products, Calia stainless steel cabinets are made of 304 food grade stainless steel without adding any wood. So we can not only complete customization, but also the healthiest and most durable "customization"

home hotline: since the beginning of this year, "craftsman spirit" has been mentioned very much by all walks of life, so how does Calia practice the "craftsman spirit" in practical work

president Xu: for the "craftsman spirit", we are more reflected in the product. For example, our characteristic 10mm thick stainless steel countertops, unique shaped door panels, and so on. Every inch of detail is carefully created by us, and the detail design "shows originality". In addition to pursuing the perfection of details, the most important thing is that Calia continuously improves its core technology and greatly shortens the delivery time. Generally, one set can be completed within 15-25 days. When we meet customers who have special requirements on time, our advantages are highlighted. For example, in urgent situations such as urgent decoration, marriage, and living in a new house at the end of the year, we can quickly do a good job, install it, and provide efficient services to customers. Choose Calia stainless steel cabinet, not only the delivery time is short, but our products are packed and transported in wooden cases, which is very safe and reliable. In addition, our grasp of the environmental protection of products also reflects the "craftsman spirit". People with real ingenuity will only choose the best materials, while we only choose 304 food grade stainless steel. The "zero formaldehyde" cabinet products are very environmentally friendly, creating a healthy, safe and comfortable kitchen environment for consumers

home hotline: this year, Guangzhou Construction Expo has been held for the 18th time. It can be said that 18 years old is an "adult gift" of the Expo. What kind of blessing do you have for the Expo

president Xu: I wish the 18-year-old CCPIT Expo a beautiful and youthful life and a better future





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