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Zhongtong Tianhong won the 2016 most product leadership award

on the evening of March 9, the 2016 "Internet Weekly" person of the year and annual product award ceremony hosted by the Internet Weekly of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the informatization research center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and en high precision et silicon valley power was grandly held at Palm Springs International Club in Beijing. Zhongtong 3. Precautions for the use of concrete pressure testing machine wangwenrong, CEO of Tianhong, won the 2016 Award for the most product leadership, which affirmed the influence of Zhongtong Tianhong's products on the communication industry and the great potential in sustainable development

the theme of this annual ceremony is: forge ahead 2017, success is only a matter of time! The selection aims to find Chinese entrepreneurs with outstanding contributions, influence and potential in their own fields in all walks of life, and update and expand the focus of the investigation. In addition to paying more attention to the achievements and influence of the enterprise, the 2016 person selection pays more attention to the society of the enterprise

based on the communication resources of operators, Zhongtong Tianhong builds PAAS layer intelligent communication that covers core cities across the country, and realizes the idea of one-stop service of enterprise call centers. Based on this communication, it carries out products and services such as all media cloud customer service, SaaS cloud call center platform, BPO business outsourcing, and comprehensively covers the industrial chain of customer centers, creating a professional customer center service system

from the integration of communication resources to the SaaS cloud call center to the customer center service system built mainly by all media cloud customer service, Zhongtong Tianhong has always been forward-looking in enterprise transformation and product innovation and expansion. These can meet relevant national and international standards precisely because Zhongtong Tianhong has a clear and firm way forward under the leadership of CEO Wang Wen

as one of the most successful mainstream business magazines in China's Internet and it industry, Internet Weekly commented on Wang Wen as follows: Based on his keen judgment and strategic thinking on the market, Wang Wen led Zhongtong Tianhong, which is generally facing from technology led to market led in this era, When it comes to service-oriented, there are still many enterprises with gaps or weak links in the field of instrument and equipment products in China, which provide satisfactory enterprise level solutions. The highest end of judgment and strategic thinking is to judge and understand themselves

for winning the annual award for the most product leadership figure, Wang Wen, CEO of Zhongtong Tianhong, said: this confirms the efforts and development of Zhongtong Tianhong as a professional customer center solution provider. It also encouraged Zhongtong Tianhong to continue to focus on customers, dig deep into customer needs, cultivate carefully and improve user service concept. In the future, Zhongtong Tianhong will be a practitioner of transforming the traditional economy through the Internet + method. Through the access of communication resources, the construction of all media customer service system, and the planning and implementation of customer operation schemes, it will create a one-stop intelligent customer center system centered on users for enterprises, and truly build the customer center into a bridge and link between enterprises and users

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