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Teijin acquired the shares of inapal, a Portuguese composite material supplier, in the production base of lea do Bali in Portugal, compared with flame retardant ABS and other materials. Teijin holdings Netherlands B.V., the Dutch holding company of Teijin group, purchased the shares of inapal, and completed the transaction procedures in early August, including regulatory approval

Inapal, located in Porto, Portugal, is a first-class supplier of composite parts for automobiles and heavy trucks. In 2017, the sales volume of inapal was 31.9 million euros

its products include using a variety of materials and processing technology to produce class a body door panels, structural parts and chassis parts. The commonly used materials and processing technologies of inapal company include sheet molding compound, carbon fiber sheet molding compound, prepreg compression molding (PCM), long fiber thermoplastic (d-lft), glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic (GMT), etc

at present, inapal has two production bases in Portugal, providing services to OEM manufacturers of Jaguar, Land Rover, BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen and Bentley in Europe

in addition to the automotive and heavy truck businesses, inapal also supplies components for the heating and cooling industry, bus seats and train seats

"we are improving the skills of emperor people in lightweight, high-performance materials and integrated composite technology, and taking these skills as the key points of medium and long-term strategic development in the future." Jun Suzuki, President and CEO of emperor Co., Ltd

jun Suzuki said, "the acquisition of inapal enables us to improve the application of teiren technology globally and realize our commitments to stakeholders. We will achieve synergy by integrating the resources of CSP, Ziegler and inapal. Teiren will strive to become a supplier of multi-material parts."

Teijin expects its sales of automotive composite materials business to reach 1.7 billion euros by 2030. At present, teiren has the ability to provide services to most of the world's major automotive consumer markets, such as North America, Europe and Asia, and also establish cooperative relations with major OEMs around the world

in the past two years, Teijin group has expanded its global composite business through acquisitions, such as the acquisition of continental structural plastics (CSP) in January 2017 and the acquisition of J.H. Ziegler GmbH (Ziegler), a leading German supplier of automotive interior materials, in July 2018

these acquisitions are conducive to resource integration and expand the global application of teiren's advanced carbon fiber processing technology. For example, Teijin has developed the world's first seriebo technology that can realize mass production of carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic materials and Tenax part via preform (PVP) developed by Teijin carbon Europe GmbH Promotion and application of technology

&em with different fixtures can carry out different performance experiments on different materials sp; PVP technology is a material processing technology, which can realize the efficient production of carbon fiber thermoplastic materials. PVP technology has become the first-class technology of European automotive OEM manufacturers, and has been applied in the current automotive production platform. The CSP company acquired by Teijin in pouanc, Maine et Loire, France, announced that it would install a new production line of carbon fiber sheet molding compound, which means that Teijin's award-winning composite technology can truly serve European customers. The production line, with an investment of 5.1 million euros at present, is expected to be officially put into production by the third quarter of 2019, mainly producing fiberglass board molding composites

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