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China's tire industry e-commerce analysis report in the first quarter of 2015

China's tire industry e-commerce analysis report in the first quarter of 2015

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this year's government work report first proposed to formulate an "Internet +" action plan to promote the integration of mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, IOT, etc. with modern manufacturing. The deep integration of Internet and traditional industries is not only conducive to the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, but also continues to give birth to new formats and create new models. In travel, car repair, housekeeping and other fields, "Internet +" is triggering an upsurge of innovation, and more and more new business forms are emerging. Facing the new normal of China's economy, the traditional tire industry, driven by the "Internet +" strategy, is also exploring new manufacturing and marketing models to upgrade to the high end of the value chain. With the continuous integration of Internet and traditional industries, e-commerce has also become the marketing center of traditional tire enterprises. How big is the future development space of the new business forms and models generated by "Internet +"? How deep is the impact on the channel reform of the tire industry? It has become a hot topic in the tire industry

I. Analysis of tire e-commerce products

in the first quarter of 2015, tire e-commerce continued to rise. From international giants to independent brand elites, tire enterprises have tried to launch e-commerce business. The tire marketing activities of,, wheat tire, wheel warehouse and other e-commerce platforms also competed in the newspapers. The overall performance of online operation of tire e-commerce remained good in this quarter. According to the statistics of China tire Commerce () e-commerce research center, the overall operating performance of online sales of various tire brands in the first quarter of 2015 was at the upper middle level

1. The best-selling brand

in the first quarter of 2015, the world's famous international tire brand leader "Michelin" ranked the top of the tire best-selling list, while the other international famous tire brands "Dunlop" and "Bridgestone" maintained good results, followed closely, ranking second and third

2. Top ten best-selling products

according to the data, the "Dunlop tire SP T1 205/55r16 91h" of the "Dunlop" tire brand won the top with 2797 pieces of sales in this quarter, and was honored as the "best-selling single product of this quarter", while its "Dunlop tire SP T1 185/60r14" and "Huili tire r699 165/70r13" of the "Huili" tire brand ranked second and third in this quarter. Among the top ten best-selling tire products, four products are "Dunlop" tires, which shows that consumers trust their quality

3. Price distribution of tire e-commerce

in the first quarter of 2015, the sales price of online tires remained basically unchanged, ranging from 150 yuan to 1500 yuan, while the tire price range of yuan was still the most popular among consumers, with little change compared with last month. This month, the turnover of tires and RMB exceeded the 40000 mark. It can be seen from this that the civilian price is still the most popular among consumers

4. Tire brand popularity

on the tire hot search list of Taobao tmall in the first quarter, the world-renowned brand leader "Michelin" continued to lead other brands with its good reputation and successfully earned the title of "champion of quarterly search popularity". While "Dunlop" tire ranked second, other brands such as "Bridgestone", "Jiatong", "Goodyear" and other international first-line brands also caught up and gained more search volume in this quarter

II. Store analysis

1. Credit rating of tmall flagship store of tires

according to the statistics of China tire Commerce () e-commerce research center, the number of tire brands entering tmall flagship store for enterprise transformation and upgrading has increased to 12. According to the existing data, the scores of flagship stores of various tire brands remain at a medium level, whether it is the consistency of product descriptions, or the delivery speed and service attitude of merchants. In addition, from the scoring and evaluation of consumers, it can be seen that at present, the description of merchants is consistent and the satisfaction of service attitude is generally low, and merchants still need to make more efforts in these two aspects

2. Geographical distribution of tire e-commerce

in the first quarter of 2015, the geographical pattern of tire e-commerce continued to diversify. The geographical distribution of Shanghai tire e-commerce accounted for more than half of the new renewable plastic granulator in this quarter, which was constantly optimized and updated, according to more than half of the country. Beijing, the first tier city that once occupied the "overlord" position in the e-commerce field, has lagged behind Guangdong, Zhejiang and Shandong in sales in recent months. Other provinces and cities, such as Jiangsu and Jiangxi, are also developing rapidly, trying to "get a share" in the tire e-commerce market, which shows that the regional competition of tire e-commerce is bound to be more intense in the future

III. online and offline combined with diversified channel development

7 Force measurement method: load sensor for force measurement; Recently, the "official flagship store of Michelin chica tmall" of Michelin chica, an automotive after-sales service brand of Michelin, was officially launched on tmall mall. This is another heavy blow to the o2o platform of the automotive after-sales service market since the launch of chica Retail Station in December last year. In the turbulent era of "Internet +", Michelin, as a representative of the traditional automotive industry, is also changing. It can be seen that o2o e-commerce model has swept all major brands in traditional industries

in 2015, the popularity of tire e-commerce will continue to rise. However, due to the small number of online tire categories, and the problems of installation and service cannot be solved, the cooperation mode of online active joint manufacturers and offline installation sites will be actively carried out in 2015. However, the ensuing problem is that the price war in the e-commerce field will become more intense due to the increasing number of tire merchants entering the e-commerce platform. No matter e-commerce, manufacturers or dealers, the seamless integration of online and offline will be the direction they need to work in 2015. Michelin combines the online chica retail network platform with the offline chica store network, and seamlessly connects online purchases with offline services by building diversified channels, so as to create an integrated consumption experience for consumers. Through the combination of online sales and offline services, these different e-commerce platforms are grabbing the market cake with the same quality spare parts and lower costs. Obviously, the win-win cooperation between online and offline, and the diversified channel development model will become a good choice for dealers and retailers

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