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China's tire industry e-commerce analysis report in November 2014

China's tire industry e-commerce analysis report in November 2014

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I. tire e-commerce product analysis

thanks to the booming "double eleven Carnival Shopping Festival", used car e-commerce, as well as spare parts and auto aftermarket e-commerce were very lively in November, such as tires, navigation, safety seats The sales volume of accessories, lubricants and other best-selling products ushered in a breakthrough growth on the day of "double 11" without any link costs. The online operation performance of tire e-commerce remained good this month. According to the statistics of China tire Commerce (W and then rising continuously) e-commerce research center, the sales volume of all tire brands increased slightly in November 2014, and the overall operation performance of tire e-commerce was at the upper middle level

1. The best-selling brand

in November 2014, the global tire leader "Michelin" continued to maintain good performance, and was crowned the champion of this month's tire best-selling list. The other two famous international tire brands "Dunlop" and "Bridgestone" jumped up, followed by second and third with good sales, and "German horse" ranked fourth with a slight gap

2. Top ten best-selling products

according to the data, the "SP T1 205/55r16" of the "Dunlop" tire brand won the top with 704 pieces of sales this month, and easily won the title of "the best-selling single product of this month" for several consecutive months, while nexen tire "nexen tire 215 225 235 245 255/30 35 4045060 55r18r119r20" ranked second with a slight gap of 672 pieces of single product sales this month. Another Dunlop tire, "Dunlop tire SP T1 185/60r14 82H", also successfully ranked among the top three best-selling products with the sales volume of 622 pieces

3. Price distribution of tire e-commerce

in November 2014, the sales price of online tires remained basically unchanged, ranging from 150 yuan to 1500 yuan, while the tire price range of yuan was still the most popular among consumers, with little change compared with last month. This month, the trading volume of tires, and Yuan all exceeded 10000 pieces, among which the tire sales volume of Yuan exceeded 15000 pieces. It can be seen from this that the civilian price is still the most popular among consumers

4. Tire brand popularity

on the tire hot search list of Taobao tmall in November, the world-renowned brand "Michelin" continued to lead other brands with its good reputation and successfully earned the title of "champion of monthly search popularity". While "Dunlop" ranked second this month, other brands such as "Bridgestone", "German marque", "Goodyear" and other international first-line brands also caught up, and gained more search volume this month

II. Store analysis

1. Credit rating of tmall flagship store of tires

according to the statistics of China tire Commerce () e-commerce research center, the number of tire brands entering tmall flagship store has increased to 10. According to the existing data, the scores of flagship stores of various tire brands remain at a medium level, whether it is the consistency of product descriptions, or the delivery speed and service attitude of merchants. In addition, from the scoring and evaluation of consumers, it can be seen that at present, the description of merchants is consistent and the satisfaction of service attitude is generally low, and merchants still need to make more efforts in these two aspects

2. Geographical distribution of tire e-commerce

the geographical pattern of tire e-commerce continued to diversify this month, and the geographical distribution of Shanghai tire e-commerce accounted for nearly half of the country this month. Beijing, the first tier city that once occupied the "overlord" position in the e-commerce field, has lagged behind Zhejiang and Shandong in sales in recent months. Other provinces and cities, such as Jiangsu and Jiangxi, are also developing rapidly, trying to "get a share" in the tire e-commerce market, which shows that the regional competition of tire e-commerce is bound to be more intense in the future

third, taking the customer as the center and seizing the first opportunity

driven by the e-commerce of daily consumer goods, the era of channel as the king has gradually collapsed, and the terminal as the king has begun to reflect its own value. "Market-oriented" is turning to "customer-centered". As a tire brand in the water related e-commerce industry, it needs to constantly adapt to the market demand. The e-commerce model in the European market has matured and achieved relatively ideal results. Especially in Germany and the Netherlands, there have been influential tire e-commerce platforms with a growing database from the day it was established to today. Tirerack, the first tire sales platform in the United States, emerged as an "automobile expert". This kind of e-commerce can not only provide tire sales and installation, but also provide comprehensive product sales and services such as automobile decoration and automobile repair, so it is more acceptable to consumers. The development of China's tire industry should be combined with its national conditions, create a distinctive international and professional e-commerce model, learn from Europe and the United States, draw on the strengths of many countries, establish closer ties and cooperation between manufacturers and dealers, and make breakthroughs in laboratory research & nbsp; Graphene materials can be prepared on a large scale to establish a brand chain, provide more comprehensive and authoritative tire installation consulting services, lay out in advance, seize the opportunity, jointly solve relevant problems in the supply chain, and promote the synchronous development of tire e-commerce business

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