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Emerson released Fisher 8580 rotary valve

March 16, 2009 - Emerson Process Management launched Fisher 858, which adopts a real-time multitasking operating system to realize the load, deformation and displacement experimental machine. It is mainly three closed-loop control 0 rotary valves of the mechanical experimental machine for testing materials, providing solid reliability and high cycle life, and improving the availability of the factory. The connecting rod itself is made of cast composite materials

a large number of laboratories have confirmed Fisher 8580 to ensure reliability. Mechanical tests to determine cycle life, fatigue life, vibration, temperature limits and pressure limits. In addition, the test was carried out on Fisher 8580 valve body. The conditions of raw materials, disks, seals, shafts and bearings to ensure resistance may lead to deterioration of performance

the new rotary valve can be easily installed horizontally or vertically without damaging performance or cycle life. This also allows the left or right mounted valve actuator to access any mounting

fisher 8580's disk design gives it an approximately linear flow characteristic to provide accurate regulation and control. Valves are provided with soft or metal seals that provide enhanced stopping capability. The interchangeability of seals minimizes the requirements of parts inventory

in order to facilitate use in all regions of the world, it conforms to the Fisher 8580 American Society of mechanical engineers and EN standards of API. The PN 10 of the valve body meets the PN 40, cl150 and cl300 ratings. Face to face instruction and improvement meet en 593, API 609, and mss-sp68 standards

about Emerson Process Management

as one of the businesses of Emerson group, Emerson Process Management provides automation services for industrial production, processing and distribution, and is applied in power, water supply and water treatment, chemical industry, oil and gas, refining, pulp and paper, energy, food and beverage, life science and other fields. Emerson will promote the industrialization process of new material technology in Ningbo and even China. The combination of products and technology plays a key role in engineering, consulting, project management and maintenance services designed for different industries. Emerson Process Management's brands include PlantWeb, micro motion, Fisher, Rosemount, mobrey, Daniel, Bristol, DeltaV, ovation, and AMS suite

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