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Eastman company: resin dispersion of tacolyn 3509 water-soluble adhesive

recently, Eastman company launched tacolyn 3509 resin dispersion, a new product with low surface energy (LST) resin dispersion, which is mainly used for water-soluble adhesive required for label production. This material can effectively reduce the amount of wetting aids such as surfactants used in the production and coating of adhesive formula, so as to effectively reduce the negative impact of surface wetting agents on the performance of waterborne adhesive products, and improve a series of properties in coating, processing and use. Tacolyn 3509 resin dispersion is solvent-free and environmentally friendly, and has good compatibility with aqueous acrylate adhesive. Its outstanding advantages are as follows:

first, it provides good cohesion to the adhesive without reducing the peeling force and initial adhesion of the adhesive, thus improving the processing and use performance

second, the foaming property is effectively reduced by reducing the amount of surfactant, thereby improving the coating performance

Third, the label made of tacolyn 3509 has good moisture resistance, water resistance and fast return performance, and can adapt to special conditions such as long-distance transportation and humid environment. Its advantages are self-evident

the above unique performance advantages make the materials that combine water solubility and degradability developed by tacolyn and his team have a certain environmental resistance 3509, which is very suitable for the following markets and applications: first, water-based label adhesive for gravure roll coater; The second 8-stroke protection switch is a set of adhesives that need high-speed or ultra-high-speed coating, thus having special requirements for coating performance and drying performance

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