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In the third quarter of 2015, China's tire industry e-commerce analysis report

in the third quarter of 2015, China's tire industry e-commerce analysis report

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I. tire e-commerce product analysis

after strict evaluation and review at the award ceremony of "2015 China e-commerce industry portal conference" just concluded in Beijing, China tire Commerce () was awarded the honor of "China's e-commerce industry portal with the most investment value"

recently, tie kinetix, headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, signed an agreement with Michelin group to help expand its distributors and retailers' online planning projects. This is another measure taken by Michelin to go online in recent months, and it also reflects its compliance with the development trend of e-commerce

in the third quarter of 2015, the overall ethanol consumption of the online operation of tire e-commerce industry decreased significantly, with an impressive performance compared with the first half of the year. According to the statistics of China tire commerce e-commerce research center, the overall operating performance of online sales of various tire brands in the third quarter was at the upper middle level

1. The best-selling brand

in the third quarter of 2015, the world's famous international tire brand leader "Michelin" overtook Dunlop, Bridgestone and other brands by a significant gap, and steadily ranked the top of the tire best-selling list, followed by another international famous tire brand "Dunlop" and "Bridgestone", ranking second and third. It is noteworthy that the e-commerce sales of the once rising domestic brand "Chaoyang" tire showed a downward trend for several consecutive months, and has not improved so far, and the ranking in the third quarter is still backward

ranking of the best-selling tire brands of Alibaba platform in the third quarter of 2015

2.1 ranking of the top ten best-selling products of tmall flagship store

according to the data, the "Michelin tire energy XM2 Renyue 205/55r16 91v automobile tire" of the tire tycoon "Michelin" brand in this quarter topped the list with a sales volume of nearly 9000 pieces, and was honored as the "best-selling single product of this quarter", In addition, two major international tire brands, "Dunlop tire SP T1 185/60r14 82H auto tire" and "Bridgestone tire ep200 205/55r16 91v auto tire" ranked second and third in this quarter. In the third quarter, the top three best-selling products of Taobao tires continued to fall under the famous international tire brands, which shows that consumers have confidence in the quality of international brands

2.2's best-selling tire product ranking

in the third quarter of 2015, it is understood that the champion of's tire sales ranking is Michelin tire 205/55r16 primary 3st Haoyue 91W, the second is horse tire 205/55r16 CC5 91v, and Goodyear tire 205/55r16nct591v ranks third. As an international major brand that has been in the tire market for many years, Ma Pai, Michelin, Goodyear and other international major brands have always won the trust of consumers with their excellent quality. Domestic brands, such as Chaoyang, must constantly strengthen investment in R & D and innovation, improve product quality, and strengthen brand promotion, so as to compete with international brands in the field of e-commerce

3. Price distribution of tire e-commerce

in the third quarter of 2015, the sales price of online tires remained basically unchanged, ranging from 150 yuan to 1500 yuan, while the tire price range of yuan was still the most popular among consumers, with little change compared with previous months. The turnover of tires in this quarter has exceeded 80000 pieces. It can be seen from this that the civilian price is still the most popular among consumers

4. Tire brand popularity

on the tire hot search list of Taobao tmall in the third quarter, the world-renowned brand leader "Michelin" continued to lead other brands with its good reputation, and successfully earned the title of "champion of quarterly search popularity". While "Dunlop" tire ranked second, other brands such as "Bridgestone", "German marque", "Goodyear" and other international first-line brands also caught up and gained more search volume in this quarter

II. Store analysis

1. Credit rating of tmall flagship store of tires

according to the statistics of China tire Commerce () e-commerce research center, the number of tire brands entering tmall flagship store has increased to 13. According to the existing data, the scores of flagship stores of various tire brands remain at a medium level, whether it is the consistency of product descriptions, or the delivery speed and service attitude of merchants. In addition, from the scoring and evaluation of consumers, it can be seen that at present, the description of merchants is consistent and the satisfaction of service attitude is generally low, and merchants still need to make more efforts in these two aspects

2. Geographical distribution of tire e-commerce

in the third quarter of 2015, the geographical pattern of tire e-commerce continued to diversify. The sales volume of Shanghai tire e-commerce, the "overlord" in the field of e-commerce, fell in this quarter compared with the whole first half of the year, accounting for only 32%. Zhejiang and Guangdong tire online sales struggled to catch up, close to Shanghai, accounting for "27% and" 22% respectively. Other provinces and cities, such as Jiangsu and Jiangxi, are also developing rapidly, trying to "get a share" in the tire e-commerce market, which shows that the regional competition of tire e-commerce is bound to be more intense in the future

third, enhance offline service capabilities and improve user experience

according to the final ruling of the U.S. Department of Commerce in June this year, Chinese manufacturers will be subject to anti-dumping duties of 14.35% - 87.99% and countervailing duties of 20.73% - 100.77%. After 10 years of rapid development, China's tire industry is falling into an unprecedented trough. Under the thinking of "interconnection +", the establishment of a one-stop service platform for the whole industrial chain or supply chain system of tire enterprises to take energy conservation and environmental protection to a new level may be a way to resolve overcapacity. Reducing the waste of social resources and improving social efficiency is the inevitable trend of Internet development, and it is also the main reason for the rapid development of e-commerce industry. The competition in the relatively vertical automotive aftermarket service field is also a tug of war, so in the long run, the offline service ability of tire e-commerce is indeed very important, and customers are the first. Just as the tire giant Michelin Group signed an agreement with tie kinetix to expand the online planning projects of its distributors and retailers to take advantage of the company's demand generation solutions, so that distributors can provide the best user experience on their stations, so as to maximize their sales turnover. Because tires are different from other goods, they are not a product that can be delivered home by express delivery. It is large and heavy, requiring professionals to install it through special equipment. Therefore, no matter what the way of purchase is, consumers must return to the tire store to receive services. Only by refining offline services and constantly improving user experience can we go further and further in the road of e-commerce

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