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The benefits of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, why should we recommend customers to make broken bridge aluminum doors and windows? After understanding it, you will know that the bridge cutoff thermal insulation aluminum alloy doors and windows are increasingly popular in the market because of their outstanding advantages, such as high strength, good thermal insulation, good rigidity, good fire resistance, large lighting area, good corrosion resistance, high comprehensive performance, long service life, good decorative effect and so on. The high-grade bridge cutoff heat insulation aluminum alloy doors and windows have gradually become the first choice of high-grade architectural windows

why is it called 'broken bridge insulation aluminum'

"bridge" in the name of "broken bridge insulating aluminum" refers to the "cold and hot bridge" in the sense of Materialogy, and the word "broken" refers to action, that is, "breaking the cold and hot bridge"

specifically, because aluminum alloy is a metal, its heat conduction is relatively fast, so when the indoor and outdoor temperatures differ a lot, aluminum alloy can become a "bridge" to transfer heat. If such materials are made into doors and windows, its heat insulation performance is poor. The bridge breaking aluminum is to disconnect the aluminum alloy from the middle. It uses heat insulation strips to connect the disconnected aluminum alloy, so that the heat can not easily pass through the whole material, and the heat insulation performance of the material will be improved. This is the origin of the name "bridge breaking heat insulation aluminum"

bridge cutoff aluminum doors and windows generally contain two main bodies: Bridge cutoff thermal insulation aluminum profile and insulating glass

analysis of the advantages of bridge breaking thermal insulation aluminum

1 Broken bridge insulation aluminum has good thermal insulation

it adopts the soft combination of inner and outer frames of thermal insulation profiles, and the frame is sealed with EPDM rubber strip, which is tightly closed, with excellent air tightness, water tightness and thermal insulation performance; The window sash adopts hollow glass structure, which makes the window truly show excellent sound insulation, heat insulation, heat preservation and function, and saves a lot of heating and cooling costs. The heat transfer coefficient K value is tested to be below 1.8-2.5w/2k, and the energy-saving effect is remarkable. The energy-saving cost of several years is enough to make up for the initial investment

2. Broken bridge insulation aluminum waterproof function

the structural drainage system is designed based on the principle of pressure balance, and the drainage outlet is set, so the drainage is smooth and the water tightness is good

3. Bridge cutoff insulation aluminum prevents condensation and frost

the bridge cutoff aluminum profile can realize the three-way sealing structure of doors and windows, and even eight-way sealing. It can reasonably separate the water vapor chamber, successfully achieve the equal pressure balance of gas and water, significantly improve the water tightness and air tightness of doors and windows, and achieve the effect of clean and bright windows

4. Broken bridge thermal insulation aluminum mosquito screen design

invisible screen window, which can be installed inside and outside. It has mosquito and fly prevention, especially suitable for mosquito prone areas in the north. Anti theft screen can also be selected, with anti-theft function

5. Broken bridge insulation aluminum anti-theft and anti loosening device

it is equipped with a unique multi-point hardware lock to ensure the stability and safety of the window in use

6. Broken bridge thermal insulation aluminum noise prevention and sound insulation

its structure has been carefully designed with tight joints. The test results show that the air sound insulation reaches 30-40db, which can ensure that residents within 50 meters on both sides of the highway are not disturbed by noise, and adjacent to downtown can also ensure indoor tranquility and warmth

7. Broken bridge insulation aluminum fire protection function

aluminum alloy is metal material and will not burn

8. The bridge is insulated with aluminum to prevent wind and sand and wind pressure

the straight material of the inner frame adopts hollow design, which has strong wind pressure deformation resistance and good anti vibration effect. It can be used in high-rise buildings and civil residences, and can design large-area windows with large lighting area; The air tightness of this kind of window is better than any aluminum or plastic window, and it can ensure that the indoor windowsill and floor are dust-free in areas with heavy wind and sand

9. Broken bridge insulation aluminum is of high strength and maintenance free

the bridge cutoff aluminum door window has high tensile and shear strength and resistance to thermal deformation. It is strong and durable. The bridge cutoff aluminum profile is not easy to be eroded by acid and alkali, not easy to turn yellow and fade, and almost does not need maintenance

10. Broken bridge insulation aluminum has a variety of colors, which is very decorative

it can achieve different colors of indoor and outdoor surfaces of doors and windows, meet customers' preferences for color effect, color gamut space aesthetic needs, and meet the personalized design requirements of architects. The aluminum profile adopts streamlined design and luxurious style

11. Broken bridge thermal insulation aluminum green building materials, circular economy

bridge broken aluminum doors and windows will not produce harmful materials in the production process, and all materials can be recycled and reused. They are green building materials and environmental protection products, in line with human sustainable development

12. Broken bridge insulation aluminum has many opening forms, which is comfortable and durable

there are flat open type, inward inclined type, upward suspended type, push-pull type, flat open type and inward inclined combined type, which are suitable for public buildings, residential quarters and municipal engineering; High quality hardware accessories are durable, the operating handle is humanized design, beautiful and comfortable, convenient and flexible to open. Each use action has been tested, and the number of fatigue tests has reached more than tens of thousands of times. The sliding is easy and silent. The mature and perfect door and window processing technology, high-precision program control processing center for production, and the quality is stable and guaranteed

material characteristics of bridge cutoff thermal insulation aluminum

(1) bridge cutoff aluminum alloy doors and windows are high-grade aluminum alloy doors and windows. It is the fifth generation of new thermal insulation and energy-saving doors and windows after wood windows, iron windows, plastic steel doors and windows and ordinary color aluminum alloy doors and windows. Its surface can be painted in various colors

(2) the composition structure of bridge broken colored aluminum alloy doors and windows combines the environmental protection of wood windows, the firmness and safety of iron and steel windows, and the commonness of thermal insulation and energy saving of plastic steel doors and windows. Its structure is more complex than ordinary aluminum doors and windows, and its cost is higher. Ordinary colored aluminum does not have heat insulation strips, and it does not heat preservation or save energy. It is only sprayed on the surface

(3) the section wall thickness of bridge cutoff aluminum alloy doors and windows shall strictly comply with the national standard. The wall thickness must be between 1.4 and 2.0mm, because the wall thickness is related to the assembly technology and the stability and safety of the doors and windows. The wall thickness of ordinary color aluminum doors and windows is generally less than 1.4mm

(4) bridge broken color aluminum doors and windows are assembled with special corner codes of more than 3mm, and corner glue should be injected into the corner to seal. While ordinary doors and windows are only connected by rivets or screws, which is not strong and safe, but the cost is low. And there will be no problem for adults standing on the assembled color broken bridge aluminum doors and windows to walk around. There is a great difference in technical requirements between those assembled by complete sets of equipment and those assembled by manual on-site operation. The special bridge cutoff aluminum profile and ordinary aluminum profile are not of the same grade and cannot be compared

how to judge the advantages and disadvantages of bridge broken aluminum profiles

a, profile wall thickness:

generally do home decoration products. Most door and window factories choose products with high yield, that is, products with relatively thin wall thickness, to reduce the cost. 1.3 thickness is lower than the national standard. The national standard stipulates that the thickness of profile shall be greater than or equal to 1.4mm

b, thermal insulation strip:

thermal insulation strip is the most critical part of bridge broken aluminum profile. PA66 nylon must be used, which is stipulated by the national standard. However, at present, many manufacturers in the decoration market use cheap PVC plastic thermal insulation strip, which will seriously affect the service life and safety of products

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