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The 8th Guangzhou door Expo 2017 kicked off yesterday. The career of aluminum alloy doors and windows has changed this year. Although the game between door and window brands is not sword and sword, the career is indeed extremely sinister. We can see from the strength of the competition between aluminum alloy doors and windows brands in the past year. Since the beginning of the year, activities between domestic customized aluminum alloy door and window brands have continued, and many dealers are so dizzying that they often make incorrect decisions and plans

doors and windows join

brand skills are the center of the survey

I believe that many consumers who were born after 00 have heard the myth of Nokia in mobile phones. So far, when we talk about Nokia, we think of good quality and experience. It can be said that Nokia's popularity mainly benefits from the good quality of products. The same is true of the profession of high-end customized aluminum alloy doors and windows. High end aluminum alloy doors and windows must have high-end quality, and the primary condition for determining quality is the central skill. Only brands with central skills can go further and longer. From grasping the central skills to Gree global, skills determine the development direction and forward planning of the brand

choosing aluminum alloy doors and windows to join the brand positioning is the key

in the promotion circle, we often hear the saying "choose wrong, try 100 times", which is also applicable to the modern aluminum alloy doors and windows profession. If the brand positioning is good, the joining manufacturers of aluminum alloy doors and windows can carry out for a long time. If the brand positioning is wrong, even if they have the same skills, it is difficult to carry out excellent development on the brand road. Take the domestic Jixiang car as an example. Since Jixiang bought Volvo, the brand development and production skills have been improved rapidly. However, due to the factors of brand positioning, the goods have always been classified as low-end car brands in China, and it is difficult to open the overseas market

franchise brand service of doors and windows is the key point

in the field of customization of aluminum alloy doors and windows, there are few brands with accurate positioning, good quality and good service. Many brands operate with the mentality that as long as the quality is good, they will not worry about no guests. As time passes, the brand operation becomes more and more difficult, resulting in the loss of loyal users. Being a brand, especially a high-end brand consumer group, is more willing to purchase an attitude towards life than just goods. If the brand service can't keep up in time, it must be taken for granted that it will be forgotten by consumers

Guanhao doors and windows, an agent manufacturer of doors and windows, has gradually derived independent door and window development skills from its brand through introduction, innovation and development. Brand positioning: a brand of high-end customized aluminum alloy doors and windows. In 2017, the whole brand was promoted to the service system, combined with the store and after-sales service, so as to improve the brand service ability and customer satisfaction





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