Successful test flight of the hottest Leishan post

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Leishan: successful test flight of postal UAV delivery on July 20, Datang postal branch of Leishan County, with the best graphics showing postal staff clicking on the app, took off slowly with newspapers and mail, and flew to Pingzhai village and ZHANGAO village deep in the mountain according to the scheduled route. After a 6-minute and 4-minute flight, the UAV arrived at the landing site accurately and successfully completed the UAV delivery test flight mission

Pingzhai village and ZHANGAO village are located in the northeast of Datang Town, more than 10 kilometers away from Datang postal branch. Anodized aluminum: coloring the metal belt. The mountain road is rugged and inconvenient for delivery. The straight-line distance of the UAV test flight is about 3.5km, and it takes 10 minutes. Usually, the courier rides through the mountains, and the one-way journey takes about 40 minutes

the UAV for this test flight is a 6-rotor structure, with an overall weight of 6kg, a maximum load of 5kg, a maximum flight speed of 6m/s, a maximum wind resistance of level 6, a maximum endurance time of 30 minutes under full load and a maximum flight distance of 15km

it is understood that the UAV delivery system is composed of three parts: cloud service platform, operating app and UAV. It can realize the whole process of automatic flight through simple operation. It is suitable for postal routes with inconvenient traffic and small mail volume. It can improve the delivery efficiency and reduce the labor intensity of light delivery in line with Bayer's sustainable development goal of "human, earth and profit" Optimize manpower allocation and solve the purpose of delivering "the last kilometer" in mountainous areas. (chenhuanjun, liyucheng)

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