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Perfect packaging: the successful packaging case of the brand

to enter the market, a good product must first have a good packaging, and this packaging must be able to meet the consumer psychology of consumers, so as to generate a potential interaction between the product and consumers, so as to lay a good foundation for the product to successfully occupy the market. Therefore, packaging has become a necessary means for many businesses to develop and occupy the market. Many businesses are also competing to carefully create packaging suitable for consumers' psychology for their products, so as to occupy a favorable market position. Good packaging must be people-oriented and life-oriented, so as to endow the market with new vitality. We can learn from the successful packaging of the following brands, and then create our own perfect product packaging

I. "l'air du temps"

one of the best-selling French high-grade perfume in the world today. It is the representative work of Oriental flower fragrance. It has a rare fragrance and is unique. The most famous is the crystal bottle in the shape of "dove of peace". It wants to explain that after the war, harmony and peace have come. Human beings' desire for peace and comfort their hearts. A pair of peace doves are made of crystal. They are crystal clear and lifelike, symbolizing the era and time of flying. Love and gentleness reflect the romantic natural style of perfume. Peace, youth and eternity, forgetting the shadow of war, carefree and relaxed life are the most perfect interpretation of this romantic brand. At the same time, it tied the catgut firmly on the cap of each perfume bottle by hand, bringing good luck to the owner who was the first to open the perfume bottle

II. Custard milk: the "high-end" beauty of packaging

the packaging design retains some elements of the original packaging, and makes specific optimization design for the special drinking groups of the hotel. The main color of the original packaging is coffee, which is easy to remind people of high calorie and too sweet drinks such as chocolate or chocolate. However, most of the people staying in the hotel are young and middle-aged people, who do not like sweets; At the same time, the use of coffee color is oppressive. When designing the package, the starting point is to use color as the main demand of the package, cooperate with the product culture, and emphasize a kind of mood pleasure. Cass brings people a happy day

III. attraction of doughnut packaging

the challenge of doughnut food is not only to attract people to buy, but also to make them feel that the packaging box on the breakfast table is designed to be very interesting. After all, more than half of consumers will look at the box more than once, so we must ensure that the packaging can attract a specific consumer group. Frozen doughnuts are aimed at teenagers to 20-year-old children. Children in this age group begin to reject those things with childish taste and try to dress up as an independent adult full-automatic concrete pressure testing machine, which is mainly applicable to the compressive strength tests of cement, concrete, refractory materials, bricks and other materials and other pressure tests within the range of 0.2000kn It is one of the main testing equipment for building materials, construction engineering, quality supervision, measurement and testing, scientific research institutions and other institutions. Therefore, the extruded board with flame retardant additive can prevent accidental fire caused by small fire. The doughnut packaging is not only interesting and fashionable, but also unique in that some interesting games and information are carefully designed at the back of the box, which not only enhances children's curiosity, but also develops their intelligence and plays a role of teaching in fun. Therefore, it is especially suitable for children aged 10 to 13

IV. the unique conception of "Jiugui Liquor" packaging design

in the packaging design of wine, in addition to the composition of words, colors and patterns, it is more important to convey an emotion. Packaging design can not only express the commodity without human feelings. Such design is just a label symbol. A lot of best-selling goods occupy the market with the help of brands with strong emotional characteristics. Injecting "emotion" into commodities is the key point to be grasped in packaging design. Only excellent designs that are highly personalized and can resonate with people can stand out in the vast number of commodities, seize consumers and achieve the purpose of promotion

with fierce competition in the liquor market, how can a new brand without popularity win a place in a short time? The packaging design of "drunkard" liquor can be said to stand out among many liquor products in the country. In addition to the quality of the product itself, the innovation of brand and packaging design is an important factor. "Drunkard" liquor is typical in conveying the traditional culture of the brand, the characteristics of no substrate heating history during film forming, merchantability, national emotion and price law. "Jiugui Liquor" is a typical heterogeneous packaging: the bottle body is made of Xiangxi earthenware technology, simple, elegant, and the bottle shape is a gunny bag shape with a mouth. On one side is the freehand brushwork of a drunkard who seems to be full of Oriental humor, and on the other side is the collection of seals with the words "the best product". This echoes the word "drunkard" on the bottle, which is marked with red background and black cursive script. The movement and silence are combined again. The name of "alcoholic liquor" was given by the famous painter Mr. huangyongyu, and the title said: "it's not too cumbersome for an" alcoholic "to carry a thousand pounds of" alcoholic liquor ". An" alcoholic "can't get drunk if he drinks a thousand pounds of" alcoholic liquor ". An" alcoholic "is produced in Western Hunan and spread slowly for thousands of miles

v. new vitality packaging of Danone Aqua bottled water

aqua, which was launched in 1973, is the first bottled water brand in Indonesia and still maintains its leading position in the market today. The updated brand logo color retains the original blue color representing water. On this basis, "mountains and streams" are added to further reflect the focus on the theme of "natural and pure mountain springs", which is further consolidated through the side mountains and transparent and clear water cup graphics. In addition, the icon of water treatment system is added to the label as the quality assurance of aqua bottled water, symbolizing the entire 27 processes that Aqua water must go through in the process from exploring water sources to putting finished water on shelves, so that Indonesian families can be completely assured of the quality of bottled water

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