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Changshu switch successfully transformed into Changshu switch manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Changshu switch), aiming at the development trend of industry technology, successfully developed intelligent distribution products, broke the long-term technical monopoly of foreign manufacturing enterprises on China's low-voltage electrical appliances, and provided an example for the innovation of the electrical industry in the stage of equipment manufacturing and civil construction. On May 21, luyansun, consultant of China Machinery Industry Federation and former Vice Minister of the Ministry of machinery industry, said at the conference of Changshu switch intelligent power distribution products held in Beijing

at the press conference hosted by the China Institute of electrical technology, Changshu switch announced the R & D process and achievements of the enterprise's intelligent power distribution products, marking its transformation from a professional component supplier to a provider of intelligent power distribution integrated solutions to raise the roller temperature of the double roll open mill to 150 oC

shenliechu and zhouheliang, honorary chairmen of the China Electrotechnical Society, Sunchangji, chairman of the China Electrotechnical Society, heruihua, former director of the low voltage apparatus branch of the Shanghai Institute of electrical science, wangchunhua, general manager of Changshu switch manufacturing Co., Ltd., guanruiliang, executive deputy general manager, zhudahua, deputy general manager, and others attended the press conference

intelligent distribution integration

in recent years, with the development and application of China's power technology, China's low-voltage electrical appliance industry has made great progress. At the same time, the power distribution industry has increasingly improved its requirements for the performance of electrical products. For example, it is required to have electrical appliances with communication function to realize the four remote functions of the distribution network, and it is also required to realize the intelligent distribution system of low-voltage electrical appliances. Through the communication network, a large number of low-voltage switches and control equipment with communication interfaces are connected with the main computer, which is intelligently managed by the computer to realize centralized data processing, centralized monitoring Centralized analysis and centralized scheduling

the intelligent power distribution integrated solution released by Changshu switch this time is composed of a series of complete sets of intelligent power distribution products, components and software under the guidance of intelligent, systematic and integrated research and development ideas. It has the functions of monitoring, protection, control and remote intelligent management, and has completely independent intellectual property rights

it is reported that this series of intelligent power distribution products were pre developed by Changshu switch since 2001 and formally approved in 2003. During this period, the company's R & D team carried out various forward-looking technical analysis and research by tracking the development trends of domestic and international industries, and realized the independent innovation of key technologies by taking enterprises as the main body and combining industry, University and research, thus forming an innovation system with independent intellectual property rights. So far, the project has made a number of scientific and technological achievements, which are first introduced in China in many aspects, leading the industry direction, and the technical level of some achievements has reached the most advanced international level. The project has applied for 44 patents, including 11 inventions and 20 utility models; It has authorized 36 patents, including 8 inventions, 20 utility models and 2 software copyrights. It has jointly drafted the first domestic communication industry standard low voltage apparatus communication protocol, and jointly drafted gb/t18858 Low voltage switchgear controller device interface part 3 DeviceNet national standard, etc

after more than 30 years of development, Changshu switch has continuously improved its independent innovation ability with the guiding ideology of building an enterprise with high-quality products and winning at the high end, and gradually cultivated a multi-level and technically competent R & D team dominated by doctors, graduate students and undergraduates. Wangchunhua said that after ten years of research and development, Changshu switchgear has created a series of high-end products with international advanced level, developed a variety of integrated, digital and information-based low-voltage power distribution equipment, and formed a strong self supporting ability including system software, devices and intelligent switchgear

among them, the riyear powernet distribution monitoring system launched by the company at the end of 2006, which integrates professional riyear powernet distribution monitoring configuration software, has become the core of Changshu switch intelligent distribution integration solution, and has the characteristics of intelligent interaction and information integration

riyear powernet system is a complete software and hardware product system, including a series of integrated intelligent power distribution components, complete upper computer software and network wiring schemes, and supports the connection of various communication buses, including modbus, modubstcp, PROFIBUS, DeviceNet, etc. Through efficient data acquisition, users can control the whole distribution system in real time. In order to continuously meet the market demand, Changshu switch has expanded the functions of riyear powernet system on the original riyear powernet based on fieldbus, and successively developed video monitoring, short message alarm, cdma/gprs wireless monitoring and other functions

at the press conference on the same day, the company's technical personnel demonstrated the short message alarm and other functions of the riyear powernet system through simulating the power distribution system fault and on-site operation, and gave detailed answers to the relevant questions of the guests. 1. Tian Hongfu, a senior engineer of FAW, once again shared the development goals of lightweight materials in the technical circuit diagram of energy saving and new energy vehicles. As for the market expectation of the company's intelligent products, zhudahua said that Changshu switch will use the marketing innovation idea of "please come in and go out" to lay out multiple sales areas in the southwest, northwest and East China. It is expected that the sales revenue of this series of products is expected to reach 150million yuan this year

in the interview with the solution provider

, it was learned that the R & D achievements of intelligent distribution series products released by Changshu switch not only meet the application requirements of current power distribution system for real-time monitoring, control and management, but also drive and improve the technical development level of China's low-voltage electrical appliance industry. More importantly, compared with similar foreign products, the price of this series of products is only one-third to one-half of that of similar foreign products, which greatly improves the competitiveness of China's low-voltage electrical industry

as a veteran of the electrical industry, I have experienced the whole process of the development of Changshu switch. At present, Changshu switch has grown into one of the most successful and influential enterprises in China's low-voltage electrical industry. In particular, the successful research and development of intelligent power distribution products is of great significance to China's current efforts to promote the construction of intelligent power, and it will also indicate that Changshu switch will soon enter another new development stage. He Ruihua said

Guan Ruiliang pointed out that the comprehensive function optimization of distribution automation and informatization will be a very important link in the future, which also provides a huge market opportunity for Changshu switches. In the next stage, the enterprise will continue to carry out independent innovation, make suggestions on improving product reliability, measurement and control integration, miniaturization, modularization, ease of use and other aspects, and further improve and continuously upgrade relevant technical solutions to meet the needs of the rapidly developing market

in addition, Changshu switches will be upgraded from the original supply products to provide complete solutions. It is completing the transformation from a product supplier to a solution provider, which is an important strategy for us to maintain our leading edge in the high-end market. Guanruiliang emphasized that Changshu switch will still grasp the development trends and opportunities of the industry in the future, further provide users with advanced, reliable and perfect intelligent distribution integration solutions, and improve the international competitiveness of products

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