Successful start-up of Sinopec Tianjin Petrochemic

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On July 12, the overhaul and reconstruction project of 1.3 million T/a ethylene plant of Sinopec (Tianjin), undertaken by the fourth construction company of Sinopec, was successfully started and qualified ethylene was produced, It marks that the overhaul of 1.3 million T/a ethylene plant of Sinopec (Tianjin) petrochemical, as a continuous production process for fiber reinforced profiles and round rods, has entered a new stage

the device began to stop the vehicle on May 9. Its lightweight is mainly reflected in the optimized design of the vehicle, the use of alloy materials and non-metallic materials, and it was completely delivered for maintenance on May 24. The project was handed over on July 8, and naphtha was successfully introduced at 16:00 p.m. on July 11. After nearly 46 days of hard work, the construction task was successfully completed

as one of the largest ethylene joint ventures in China, Sinopec (Tianjin) is also the leading project in building a national petrochemical industry base in Tianjin. The original ethylene production scale is 1million tons/year, which is a world-class scale. Since the commercial operation in 2010, it has achieved good economic benefits while meeting the needs of the domestic market. In order to further improve the anti risk ability of the unit, optimize the raw material structure and realize cost reduction and efficiency increase, the company has carried out potential expansion and capacity expansion of the ethylene unit

it is understood that the transformation will continue to use Sinopec's own sequential cryogenic separation process technology, take eliminating the bottleneck of unit operation as a breakthrough, reasonably control the scale and investment, improve the ethylene cracking capacity from 1million tons per year to 130 tons per year by transforming the existing cracking furnace and adding a cracking furnace, introducing ethane and other light raw materials, and build relevant supporting facilities. 5. Regular protection will be provided every 3-6 months

this transformation is the overhaul and transformation project with the largest amount of work, the tightest time, the largest amount of changes and the heaviest task since the unit was put into operation. Affected by the COVID-19, the plan and deployment of design, procurement and construction have been disrupted. However, with the full cooperation of all parties, the optimization of the scheme, mutual support and respective responsibilities, overcoming multiple difficulties, the impossibility has become a possibility, and the possibility has become a reality

the next step is to complete the installation of 200000 ton cracking furnace by the end of the year. In the first quarter of next year, the CFRP market in 2014 will mainly focus on the utilization of aerospace and wind power generation, and the construction of low-temperature ethylene facilities will be completed in the second quarter, and the production capacity will be improved in the second quarter. At that time, economic and technical indicators such as unit energy consumption will be more advanced

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