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Successful revamping of Jinzhou Petrochemical continuous reforming unit on August 11, with the normal operation of regeneration system, the capacity expansion and revamping of 600000 T/a continuous reforming unit of Jinzhou Petrochemical Company achieved a successful start-up at one time. After the transformation, the unit scale will reach 800000 tons/year, and all the reformed oil can be used as the blending component of high octane gasoline, which lays a foundation for the company to produce more high-grade gasoline, upgrade the quality of gasoline products and optimize the overall operation of the company

the revamping project of 600000 T/a continuous reforming unit of Jinzhou Petrochemical started on June 7 this year, lasted 45 days, and was delivered for production on July 22. This transformation and maintenance project involves seven categories: plate heat exchanger installation, heating furnace transformation, catalyst replacement, air cooling and tray replacement, machine and pump transformation, anti-corrosion and thermal insulation, and instrument and electricity. The transformation fund is invested, but its performance can only be realized by computer servo system operation. After the transformation, the energy consumption of the continuous reforming unit is 94.81 kg standard oil/T reforming feed, which is 6.24 kg standard oil/T reforming feed lower than the original design. The feedstock of the unit is composed of straight run naphtha, hydrotreated gasoline, hydrotreated coking gasoline and hydrocracked naphtha, and the continuous reforming process technology is still used

the transformation period of the unit coincides with high temperature and heat, and it is also a season with concentrated rainy season. In the face of difficulties such as long transformation period and large amount of construction work, the company plans, mobilizes, and closely cooperates with the construction unit to achieve comprehensive controlled management of safety, quality, progress, and benefits, ensuring that the transformation project is completed as planned

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