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Successful research and development of packaging drum sealing detection equipment recently, Beijing lingbang instrument has developed packaging drum (rocket launcher) sealing detection equipment. The detection time of each piece is no more than 60 seconds. It has the characteristics of high automation, good reliability and strong expansibility. After a few modifications, the equipment is also applicable to the sealing test of ammunition, food, cosmetics, drugs and other packaging containers

sealing inspection equipment for packaging cylinder (rocket launcher)

the traditional scheme adopts manual inspection, and workers record data to judge whether the product is qualified. In this process, due to too much manual participation and great influence by subjective emotion and other factors, the detection reliability is poor and the delivery risk of products is increased. With the continuous improvement of industrial production, products put forward higher requirements for sealing inspection. Using automatic sealing inspection equipment to replace the previous manual inspection and judgment can comprehensively improve the product qualification rate for users and help them obtain more orders

the sealing detection equipment of the packaging cylinder (rocket launcher) developed by lingbang instrument uses the differential pressure method to detect the leakage rate of the workpiece. The tightness of the tested part is measured by the pressure change in the sealing cavity of the known volume within a certain period of time. The detection speed is 60 seconds/piece (excluding the time for manual workpiece taking and placing)

the equipment has a high degree of automation. It can automatically judge whether the product is qualified and give the leakage rate value. Its test standard can be set according to actual needs. The test data is automatically stored in the database, which can automatically generate reports for product quality management. The whole test process is automated without manual judgment, with good reliability and low delivery risk

in addition, the equipment can be tested at two stations at the same time, with Ethernet interface, and the test results can be uploaded to the local server for statistical analysis

many paper enterprises have indicated that the pressure holding time is set according to the relevant standards of the tested products due to the rise in the price of waste paper and the price of base paper. The pressure holding time of different products can be adjusted. For products with a diameter of 80 ~ 100mm and a height of 890 ~ 930mm, the pressure holding time is 10 ~ 90s (the set step length is 1s)

the equipment has the functions of system leakage rate calibration and pressure calibration, with high test accuracy. The leakage rate test range is 110-4 PA m3/s ~, and the repeatability error is 5% of the indicated value (subject to the test standard leakage rate value); Leakage rate detection pressure, positive pressure: gauge pressure 20 ~ 150kPa (set step size 1kPa why waste paper import decreased in 2018), pressure setting error 1kPa; Negative pressure: gauge pressure - 20 ~ - 60kpa (set step size: 1kPa), pressure setting error: 1kPa

in addition to accurately testing the tightness of the packaging cylinder, the equipment can also conduct a burst test on the cover of the rocket launcher. The burst test pressure is 0.4MPa gauge pressure

with the application of sealing products in various industries, the testing requirements are also constantly raised. In order to adapt to market changes, lingbang instrument pays special attention to the expansibility of the equipment. After a few modifications, the equipment can also be applied to the sealing test of ammunition, food, cosmetics, drugs and other packaging containers

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