Successful research and development of PE pipes fo

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Successful research and development of steel skeleton PE pipe

the high-performance steel skeleton PE pipe successfully developed by Hebei Yike metal products Co., Ltd. was put on the market. The new product not only realizes the replacement of steel with plastic for oil field gathering and transportation pipes, but also further reduces the production cost due to the adoption of a large number of new technologies and processes and the measurement of output. Compared with metal pipes, it has a good cost performance ratio

most of the pipes used to transport petroleum media in China are made of metal materials in the design of the new experimental machine. However, the crude oil produced liquid with high water content and high salinity seriously corrodes the metal pipes, and the transmission pipes must be replaced frequently. This bonding method greatly increases the production cost of the parts to be repaired after bonding. The new generation of oil field gathering and transportation pipe with plastic instead of steel developed by Hebei Yike high-performance oil field steel wire skeleton polyethylene pipe has improved the compressive strength of the product by adopting the new technology of hot melt adhesive to fix the steel wire, and the working pressure reaches 3.5Mpa; The adopted pipe production winding technology realizes the organic combination of multi-layer polyethylene material and double-layer steel wire, forming a new production process of extrusion, molding and compounding; Through the modification of polyethylene material, the purpose of high temperature resistance, antistatic, flame retardant, corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the pipe is achieved. Under the specified continuous working pressure, the pipe can transport 40 ℃ medium. With its supporting research and development of pipe quick connection device, the product has excellent connection and sealing performance, and meets the requirements of unlimited use

according to the understanding that the advanced polymer conforming material is composed of two key components, the company has invested more than 5million yuan to build two steel wire framework polyethylene pipe production lines, forming an annual production capacity of 500000 meters. The product specifications range from 50 mm to 225 mm, basically meeting the needs of oil field gathering and transmission pipes

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