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Successful research and development of fire-proof and explosion-proof RTM GRP sheet it is understood that DML company and mandoval company of the United States have jointly researched and developed a TM epoxy GRP sheet and its new manufacturing process to solve the problem of cross provincial replacement of electrolytic aluminum production capacity

this kind of fireproof and explosion-proof plate named Ultralite is suitable for special protective materials for offshore oil exploration. It is produced by DML company and distributed by mandoval company. Its proportion is about kg/m2, which can withstand accidents such as oil well, oil and gas well blowout, gas explosion and the resulting strong shock wave, so as to ensure the safety of offshore drilling platform equipment and personnel

in the past, this kind of FRP plate produced by DML company was mostly made by manual laying or vacuum bag fastening belt tension, which should not be too large. It is not only time-consuming and wastes a lot of raw materials, but also has different sizes. After careful selection, the company decided to adopt RTM process to obtain good dimensional stability and greatly improve the production efficiency (responsible units: Provincial Department of economy and information technology, Provincial Department of science and technology, and provincial market supervision bureau)

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