Successful start-up of Tianjin ethylene expansion

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Tianjin ethylene expansion project started successfully. April 23, 2001, according to Xinhua news agency, major progress has been made in the national key technological transformation project and the first medium-sized ethylene transformation project in China from 140000 tons to 200000 tons - TIANLIAN chemical ethylene transformation and expansion project. At 3:15 a.m. on April 17, as the key link of the transformation, the ethylene plant finally successfully produced a qualified product, the electromagnetic directional valve 1, which was always in the energized state, thus laying a solid foundation for the company to adjust the product structure and improve the economic efficiency

the ethylene potential tapping and transformation project with a total investment of 380million yuan is the "Hope Project" of Lianhua. Before the transformation, the technicians of Tianjin Lianhua Company who inspected the mechanical and electrical rotation direction independently developed a new polyethylene condensation technology, which achieved a leap of 1.5 ~ 2 times the production capacity of the company's polyethylene plant. It was not only widely used in similar enterprises within Sinopec Group, but also put forward higher requirements for the production capacity of the ethylene plant upstream of the plant. In addition, in recent years, the market demand for special materials for synthetic resin has shown an upward trend, which has made Tianjin Lianhua determined to strive to realize the potential transformation of the equipment as soon as possible

On July 7, 2000, the State Economic and Trade Commission officially approved the feasibility report of the potential tapping and transformation project of synthetic resin of Tianjin Lianhua Company, agreeing to increase the annual output of the company's ethylene plant from 140000 tons to 200000 tons through the transformation; The polyethylene

device has increased from 60000 tons to 20000 tons of original products that have made significant progress; The EO/EG unit has increased from 55000 tons of equivalent ethylene oxide/year to 72000 tons/year. The purpose is to expand the production of special materials for synthetic resin, and promote the company to achieve turnaround and sound development as soon as possible through the combination of the preferential policy of debt to equity swap granted by the state and the potential tapping and transformation

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