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New Delhi news: due to the reduction of exports, the Indian natural rubber market is facing a situation of excess supply

Indian gum production accounts for about 10% of the total global production

according to the chairman of the rubber Committee under the Federation of South Indian growers, the current situation of excess rubber supply is due to the good weather conditions. From October 2004 to January 2005, the domestic rubber production has always been at a higher level than the second spring of the industry

in addition, according to rubber growers, the government's subsidy policy for exporters is unclear, resulting in a decline in rubber exports. The increase in production by tire manufacturers has also increased the import of natural rubber

according to the official of Indian rubber Bureau, the government estimated that the output of natural rubber in 2004/05 (April to march of the next year) was about 760000 tons, higher than 7116500 tons in the previous year. It is also expected that the consumption of body aluminum will also increase rapidly, and the output of natural rubber in 2005/06 will increase to 775000-800000 tons

senior officials of the rubber Bureau said that the export volume of natural rubber in 2004/05 was unlikely to exceed 45000 tons, lower than 75905 tons last year, when hydraulic technology was simply immature. It is estimated that the import volume of natural rubber in 2004/05 will be 50000 tons, higher than 35000 tons in the previous year. At the same time, he also predicted that the country's rubber inventory would reach 100000 tons by the end of March 2005, up from about 60000 tons in the same period last year

however, the official said that the Indian rubber industry is in a stable situation, with reasonable prices and stable supply. The price of rss-iv grade natural rubber is currently about 57 rupees/kg, which was 32 rupees three years ago, but it is still more than 2 rupees lower than the global price. 2763 exhibition booths

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